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<font color="#287b9e"><b>Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group; <i>Moses(es)</i></b></font>
Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group; Moses(es)
Sun 9/24/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Lila Downs</b></font>
Lila Downs
Sat 9/30/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Flyaway Productions; <i>The Right To Be Believed</i></b></font>
Flyaway Productions; The Right To Be Believed

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Matt Groening and Lynda Barry; <i>Love, Hate & Comics–The Friendship That Would Not Die</i></b></font>
Matt Groening and Lynda Barry; Love, Hate & Comics–The Friendship That Would Not Die
Sat 10/7/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>ODC/Dance; <i>boulders and bones</i></b></font>
ODC/Dance; boulders and bones
Wed 10/11/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Chicago Symphony Orchestra</b></font>
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Fri 10/13/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 10/14/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 10/15/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Théâtre de la Ville, Paris; <i>State of Siege</i></b></font>
Théâtre de la Ville, Paris; State of Siege
Sat 10/21/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 10/22/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Olli Mustonen, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Olli Mustonen, piano
Sun 10/22/17 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Garrison Keillor; <i>Just Passing Through</i></b></font>
Garrison Keillor; Just Passing Through
Mon 10/23/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Dorrance Dance </b></font>
Dorrance Dance
Fri 10/27/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Korean National Gugak Center Creative Traditional Orchestra; New works concert</b></font>
Korean National Gugak Center Creative Traditional Orchestra; New works concert
Sat 10/28/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Korean National Gugak Center Creative Traditional Orchestra; Traditional Korean Court and Folk Music</b></font>
Korean National Gugak Center Creative Traditional Orchestra; Traditional Korean Court and Folk Music
Sat 10/28/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Anssi Karttunen, <i>cello</i><br>Nicolas Hodges, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Anssi Karttunen, cello
Nicolas Hodges, piano
Sun 10/29/17 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"> <b>Mariinsky Orchestra </b></font>
Mariinsky Orchestra
Sat 11/4/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 11/5/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Anthony de Mare, <i>piano</i>; <i>Liaisons: Reimagining Sondheim from the Piano</i></b></font>
Anthony de Mare, piano; Liaisons: Reimagining Sondheim from the Piano
Sun 11/5/17 7:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Les Arts Florissants</b></font>
Les Arts Florissants
Thu 11/9/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Ian Bostridge, <i>tenor</i>; Wenwen Du, <i>piano</i>; Schubert’s <i>Winterreise</i></b></font>
Ian Bostridge, tenor; Wenwen Du, piano; Schubert’s Winterreise
Fri 11/10/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Tango Buenos Aires; <i>The Spirit of Argentina</i></b></font>
Tango Buenos Aires; The Spirit of Argentina
Sat 11/11/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Tetzlaff Quartet</b></font>
Tetzlaff Quartet
Sun 11/12/17 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Festival of  South African Dance; Featuring The Gumboots and Pantsula Dance Companies</b></font>
Festival of South African Dance; Featuring The Gumboots and Pantsula Dance Companies
Sun 11/12/17 7:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>The Joffrey Ballet</b></font>
The Joffrey Ballet
Fri 11/17/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 11/18/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 11/19/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Imago Theatre; <i>La Belle</i></b></font>
Imago Theatre; La Belle
Fri 11/24/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 11/25/17 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 11/26/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Claire Chase, <i>flute</i>; Music from <i>Density 2036</i></b></font>
Claire Chase, flute; Music from Density 2036
Sat 12/2/17 4:30PM UC BERKELEY
Sat 12/2/17 8:30PM UC BERKELEY

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Ragamala Dance Company; <i>Written in Water</i></b></font>
Ragamala Dance Company; Written in Water
Sat 12/2/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sun 12/3/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Simon O’Neill, <i>tenor</i></b></font>
Simon O’Neill, tenor
Sun 12/3/17 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Camille A. Brown & Dancers; <i>BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play</i></b></font>
Camille A. Brown & Dancers; BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play
Fri 12/8/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sat 12/9/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sun 12/10/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Takács Quartet; Garrick Ohlsson, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Takács Quartet; Garrick Ohlsson, piano
Sun 12/10/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b><i>The Hard Nut</i>; Mark Morris Dance Group</b></font>
The Hard Nut; Mark Morris Dance Group
Fri 12/15/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 12/16/17 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 12/16/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 12/17/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Thu 12/21/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Fri 12/22/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 12/23/17 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 12/23/17 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 12/24/17 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Peking Acrobats</b></font>
Peking Acrobats
Sat 1/27/18 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 1/27/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 1/28/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b> Musicians from Marlboro</b></font>
Musicians from Marlboro
Sun 1/28/18 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b> Circa; <i>Il Ritorno</i></b></font>
Circa; Il Ritorno
Sat 2/3/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 2/4/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Cécile McLorin Salvant</b></font>
Cécile McLorin Salvant
Wed 2/7/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Spectrum Dance Theater; <i>A Rap on Race</i></b></font>
Spectrum Dance Theater; A Rap on Race
Fri 2/9/18 8:00PM Oakland Metro Operahouse
Sat 2/10/18 2:00PM Oakland Metro Operahouse
Sat 2/10/18 8:00PM Oakland Metro Operahouse

<font color="#287b9e"><b>The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra</b></font>
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Fri 2/9/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 2/10/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 2/11/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Dorothea  Röschmann,<i>soprano</i>; Malcolm Martineau, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Dorothea Röschmann,soprano; Malcolm Martineau, piano
Fri 2/16/18 8:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>St. Lawrence String Quartet</b></font>
St. Lawrence String Quartet
Sun 2/18/18 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Tony Kushner and Sarah Vowell; <i>The Lincoln Legacy: The Man and His Presidency</i></b></font>
Tony Kushner and Sarah Vowell; The Lincoln Legacy: The Man and His Presidency
Wed 2/21/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Company Wang Ramirez; <i>Borderline</i></b></font>
Company Wang Ramirez; Borderline
Sat 2/24/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 2/25/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Sérgio & Odair Assad and Avi Avital</b></font>
Sérgio & Odair Assad and Avi Avital
Sun 2/25/18 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Emanuel Ax, <i>piano</i>; Leonidas Kavakos, <i>violin</i>; Yo-Yo Ma, <i>cello</i></b></font>
Emanuel Ax, piano; Leonidas Kavakos, violin; Yo-Yo Ma, cello
Wed 2/28/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>NPR's <i>From the Top with Host Christopher O'Riley</i></b></font>
NPR's From the Top with Host Christopher O'Riley
Fri 3/2/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Kronos Quartet; Rinde Eckert; Vân-Ánh Võ; <i>My Lai</i></b></font>
Kronos Quartet; Rinde Eckert; Vân-Ánh Võ; My Lai
Sun 3/4/18 7:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b> Eva Yerbabuena Company; <i>¡Ay!</i></b></font>
Eva Yerbabuena Company; ¡Ay!
Wed 3/7/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Wu Man and the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band</b></font>
Wu Man and the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band
Sun 3/11/18 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Manual Cinema; <i>Ada/Ava</i></b></font>
Manual Cinema; Ada/Ava
Fri 3/16/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sat 3/17/18 2:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sat 3/17/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sun 3/18/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse

<font color="#287b9e"><b> David Finckel, <i>cello</i><br>Wu Han, <i>piano</i></b></font>
David Finckel, cello
Wu Han, piano
Sun 3/18/18 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Chick Corea</b></font>
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Chick Corea
Thu 3/22/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Julia Bullock, <i>soprano</i>; John Arida, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Julia Bullock, soprano; John Arida, piano
Sun 3/25/18 3:00PM Hertz Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Seattle Symphony</b></font>
Seattle Symphony
Sat 4/7/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 4/8/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater</b></font>
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Tue 4/10/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Wed 4/11/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Thu 4/12/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Fri 4/13/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 4/14/18 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 4/14/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 4/15/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Armenian State Chamber Choir</b></font>
Armenian State Chamber Choir
Sat 4/14/18 8:00PM First Congregational Church

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Apollo's Fire–The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra; Monteverd's <i>L'Orfeo</i></b></font>
Apollo's Fire–The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra; Monteverd's L'Orfeo
Fri 4/20/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Boston Pops at the Greek</b></font>
Boston Pops at the Greek
Sat 4/21/18 8:00PM Greek Theatre

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Richard Goode, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Richard Goode, piano
Sun 4/22/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Leif Ove Andsnes, <i>piano</i></b></font>
Leif Ove Andsnes, piano
Fri 5/4/18 8:00PM First Congregational Church

<font color="#287b9e"><b>Ex Machina; <i>887</i></b></font>
Ex Machina; 887
Fri 5/4/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 5/5/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font color="#287b9e"><b>TAO; <i>Drum Heart</i></b></font>
TAO; Drum Heart
Sun 5/6/18 7:00PM Zellerbach Hall

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