Our 2018/19 Season!

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Mark Morris Dance Group; <i>Pepperland</i>: Sgt. Pepper at 50</b></font>
Mark Morris Dance Group; Pepperland: Sgt. Pepper at 50
Mark Morris celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with an exuberant new dance work.
Fri 9/28/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 9/29/18 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 9/29/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 9/30/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Sasha Waltz & Guests; <i>Körper</i></b></font>
Sasha Waltz & Guests; Körper
Sasha Waltz's Körper evokes a staggering range of embodied experience through a series of living tableaux, both epic and intimate.
Sat 10/20/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 10/21/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Compagnie Käfig; <i>Pixel</i></b></font>
Compagnie Käfig; Pixel
Pixel features Compagnie Käig's 11 outstanding dancers navigating a sophisticated interactive environment that confounds our perceptions of what is virtual and what is real.
Fri 11/16/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 11/17/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Pavel Zuštiak and Palissimo Company; <i>Custodians of Beauty</i></b></font>
Pavel Zuštiak and Palissimo Company; Custodians of Beauty
Pavel Zuštiak creates an immersive visual experience for Custodians of Beauty, combining movement with imagery, light, and sound.
Fri 12/7/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sat 12/8/18 8:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse
Sun 12/9/18 3:00PM Zellerbach Playhouse

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Hubbard Street Dance Chicago</b></font>
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago tackles a thrilling range of repertoire working with both veteran choreographers and fresh voices reimagining contemporary dance for new generations.
Fri 1/18/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 1/19/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 1/20/19 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Akram Khan; <i>XENOS</i></b></font>
Akram Khan; XENOS
Akram Khan's XENOS is a powerful work that reveals the beauty and horrors of the human condition through the myth of Prometheus.
Sat 3/2/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 3/3/19 5:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater</b></font>
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
The revered Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater looks forward with provocative and stirring works by living choreographers, while remaining firmly rooted in the enduring legacy of its founder.
Tue 4/9/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Wed 4/10/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Thu 4/11/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Fri 4/12/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 4/13/19 2:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 4/13/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 4/14/19 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall

<font style="color:#1294d8;"><b>Eifman Ballet; <i>The Pygmalion Effect</i></b></font>
Eifman Ballet; The Pygmalion Effect
Controversial choreographer Boris Eifman's brilliant new ballet, The Pygmalion Effect, receives its United States premiere.
Fri 5/31/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sat 6/1/19 8:00PM Zellerbach Hall
Sun 6/2/19 3:00PM Zellerbach Hall